Poetic Conceptions

Joyce Moloney

Mother of Story Emotionalism

Contemporary Irish multidisciplinary Artist.   I was born in Cork, Ireland 1977. I graduated with honours from the Crawford College of Art and Design, where I obtained a Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art. I also went onto study a Higher Diploma in Adult Education in Mary Immaculate College Limerick. I studied the theory and principals of Art Therapy in St. Anne’s Hospital Cork. I also studied Project Management in Cork Institute of Technology. Over the past two decades I have had the opportunity to work with a wide spectre of people with both intellectual and physical disabilities, including schizophrenia.    

The many units and centres across my native Cork city and county brought both influence and context to my creative journey. I communicate effectively and clearly through a myriad of mediums about aspects of life in general. I am energised by the soulful process of creating. My subjective nature, in essence is my storytelling ability letting the viewer decode a personal narrative.    

My work infuses both aesthetic and conceptual values. The visual language expressed within my work always holds a message for those whom understand and appreciate the content being portrayed.    

I have travelled extensively around the world over the past number of years. I credited these trips with personal visualisation to enhance the quality and inspiration to translate in my own unique way. 

Passion is the force in which I unleash my creativity! My work holds its own type of style. It is visual poetry and richly atmospheric, I am continually maturing and evolving as an artist. The tones and degree of colour I use are diverse, sometimes muted and softened or bold and strong, quiet and mysterious but also hide a quirky wit. I take inspiration wherever I find it. It generates a sense of intimacy or isolation capturing the viewer’s own sense and interpretation of their conditioning.   

My work is refreshingly distinctive in execution in comparison to my contemporaries. I empower to move the viewer emotionally. The work strives to quiet the conscious and awaken the subconscious for flashes of inner insight. To tease out more than the eye can see at first, an invitation to the imagination to satisfy the channel to inner knowing. Thank you for your time and interest.

                                                   KEEP LOOKING UP… AND SIMPLY BELIEVE !                                                                                                                                                        Joyce Moloney